His Hands University Registration

His Hands University is a new way we are approaching classes at His Hands. There may not be a diploma or anything like that but you will get something better! You will be more equipped as a Jesus follower and also get a cool journal!

Sign up by clicking the button below. Remember that you can only sign up for one class per day because we will have two classes going on at the same time on each day. (for a total of 4 classes you can take if you sign up for all of them).

Monday August 12th: 

  • Pete Zefo – Did Jesus Really Rise From The Dead?
  • Scott Sangrey – Dinner with Jesus (Understanding Communion)

Tuesday August 13th:

  • Daniel Griesbeck – Overcoming and Preventing “Church Hurt”
  • Megan McTeer – Learning that You’re a Secret Bible Study Genius Who Didn’t Even Know It

Monday August 19th:

  • Mike DeRosier – Disappointment With God (Drawing Right Conclusions When Life Goes Wrong)
  • Fred Goodwin – Going Deeper with the Holy Spirit

Tuesday August 20th: 

  • Bette Hayden – Praying the Word of God
  • Scott Kays – How Do We Know Jesus is the Messiah? (And Why We Need One)