Message – The Biblical Sexual Ethic Part 3

Justin wraps up this series by talking about the last questions people sent in about marriage, transgenderism, and more. Tune in to hear the last bit of this message series.

Resources For Those Who Struggle with Same Sex Attraction:

Uprooted Heart
Our mission is to support those seeking help with unwanted same sex attraction and lead them to a life of transformation in relationship with Jesus. Uprooted Heart Inc. also helps those who have transitioned to maintain a accountable walk by bridging them to ministries who offer mentorship, counseling, and accountability. We partner with the Freedom March.

Fearless Identity
Fearless Identity brings hope and understanding to the LGBTQ community and the church through education. biblical clarity, and support in a judgement free environment for those seeking the option to change . We bridge the gap between that marginalized and misunderstood, wounded, and survivors to bring those individuals to wholeness in Jesus Christ.

Overcome Ministries
A ministry set to be an outlet of love and hope for adults with same-sex attraction. A place to find community in your journey and struggles.

Freedom March
Freedom March is a diverse group of Jesus followers who have been delivered from LGBTQ identities. Our mission is to share, gather, and activate. We accomplish this mission by sharing testimonies of freedom, as we gather together in local cities, calling the body of Christ to activation in loving their LGBTQ neighbor with the truth of transformation.

Changed Movement
CHANGED is possible! We are a community of friends who once identified as LGBTQ+. Today we celebrate the love of Jesus and His freedom in our lives.

Support Outlets (For Parents and those with SSA):

Faith Hope Love Support Group
An online Parent / Family Support Ministry for those whose loved ones identify as LGBTQ

Restored Hope Network
Restored Hope is a membership governed, inter-denominational network dedicated to restoring hope to those broken by sexual and relational sin, especially those impacted by homosexuality.

His Wonderful Works (Local to Ga)
Our mission is to bring hope, healing and freedom in Christ to individuals, churches and ministries inr the areas of family, relationships, and sexuality.