Movie Night – Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse

DISCLAIMER! Before watching any movie, make sure it’s right for you and your family. Common Sense Media is an amazing tool to help inform if this film is one you’ll watch with your family.

Every movie has a message. What is this one saying? Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse rewrites Spidey’s origin story and shows us that our identity isn’t always changed overnight. Becoming who we are meant to be is a complicated process that requires the help of someone greater than ourselves.

SPIDER BITES, BAPTISM, AND THE LONG PROCESS OF SANCTIFICATION – The spider crawls out onto Miles’ hand and we know what’s about to happen…he is about to become Spider-man. It bites! And Miles shrugs it off. This is the life changing moment for Miles, but he isn’t a perfect super-hero the next day. This spider bite changes everything, but it’s really just the start of a whole new way of life.

Compare the spider bite to the symbol of baptism. Yes, you’re a new person. But what does that actually mean? Read and discuss Galatians 3:23-29.  It takes a while for Miles to get the hang of his newfound powers. Compare this to the process of sanctification. Read Romans 6 and discuss what it means to live this new life!

THE SPIDER-GANG AND THE FELLOWSHIP OF BELIEVERS – “You’re like…me.” Every member of the spider-gang has something that makes them stand out, but their spidey-sense unites them. They are a diverse group of heroes sharing a common purpose and common identity. Compare the spider-gang to the church. Read and discuss Acts 2:42-47. Each spider-person has a unique role to play. Read and discuss 1 Corinthians 12:12-31.

WHAT IF…? Spider-Verse is great at asking the “What if?” questions. What if Spider-man wasn’t Peter Parker? What if he was a cartoon pig? What if the origin story of this iconic hero went completely different from the story we already know? Let’s ask that same question of Jesus and his origin story. Why is Matthew 4:1-11 so important? What if things went differently? How does asking “what if” help you understand about the amazing things God HAS done?